Montague Paratrooper Mountain Folding Bike Review

First Impressions

One look at the Montague Paratrooper Mountain Folding Bike is enough to interest even those who are not that into cycling. This folding bike model looks amazing and it has all the necessary parts and abilities to cope with extreme terrain and the bumpiest roads. The bicycle fits all purposes and it represents the very best design that folding bikes have to offer.

Maybe you are not that into biking. Well, the Paratrooper may be the right bike to fix that! This bike is so appealing not only to the eye, but also in the ride, that it almost engages even the most disdained customer that would otherwise be reluctant to biking at all costs. It is extremely beneficial and could potentially be considered one of the top, if not the top, folding bike on the market today. It is a multi-purpose bike and it has great potential on the road and rocky ground. It takes to bumps and crevices great, has a stellar design, and gets to job done!

This bike was designed for soldiers that are going to be descending out of an airplane needing a quick fold out for transportation that is faster than running. This is great for the middle of combat. Any person that hops on this folding bike will realize what an incredible ride it is. It is well made, with heavy duty materials, and can carry large loads, even up to five hundred pounds. It truly has little one could complain about as it has been made top of the line for situations that could be life threatening, needing the very best in the time of need.

Bike Specifications

The Paratrooper is a full sized mountain bike. It has 26" wheels and has two frame sizes, 18 and 20 inches, both made out of aluminum. The gear system has 24 different speeds and the bicycle also comes with mechanical rear brakes. The special Folding Integrated Technology or F.I.T. allows driving on rough terrain because of the full suspension that needed in downhill and off-road biking.

Design and Build

It doesn't take an expert to realize that this bicycle is an awesome ride. The folding mechanism was developed especially for airborne soldiers. They can drop out of planes with their bikes directly into combat. Because of this, the bikes are built with great care for safety and durability. Also, these bikes can take a huge load, close to 500 lbs, and still work flawlessly.

The CLIX folding system allows users to fold the Paratrooper in less than 20 seconds without using any tools. The design also integrates the F.I.T. with the full suspension. This makes the bicycle strong enough to tackle almost any kind of rough terrain.

To make sure that the Paratrooper performs as it should, it is equipped with a 24 speed Shimano Rapidfire plus trigger shifter. This shifter enables a comfortable ride in all kinds of terrain. The front and rear mechanical disc braking system used on the bike is there to give the rider full control.

Unique Features

Montague Paratrooper Mountain Folding Bike

The Montague Paratrooper is a mountain bike with plenty of unique features. The bike was designed for extreme situations and as such, it is made with great care and precision. Every cycle is fitted with the Folding Integrated Technology that includes a full suspension for downhill bikes. CLIX system was patented especially for the Paratrooper. With this system, you need only 20 seconds to fold it up to 36" x 28" x 12", without using any tools.

The gear system allows the rider to switch between 24 different gears seamlessly. The frame of the cycle is aluminum, so it is rust resistant, but the gears are not. They need some attention after a rough downhill ride to keep them functioning properly.

Breaking is important for an extreme bicycle like this one, so disc brakes are placed on both wheels. Each part of the bike is made out of the best possible materials, giving it a long lifespan.

The Negatives

Some people complained about the handlebar being too low. This puts the rider in an awkward position which focuses him on the front wheel. Too much weight on the front suspension reduces the velocity of the ride.

In order to cut down on the price, some components on the bicycle are not so great. The front derailleur gear system and the rear brake cables could have been a little better.

It is a mountain bike. It is great for off road and downhill and uphill terrain. It has twenty six inch wheels and the frame sizes can be eighteen or twenty inch. They are made out of aluminum. It is integrative and helpful for getting to and from on those biking trips up the mountains and down into the valleys. The gears are in twenty four different speeds. The brakes in the back are mechanical. The suspension is great for varying terrains as it has a Folding Integrated Technology, also known as F.I.T.

Because of some of the situations one will find himself or herself in when needing to use the Montague Paratrooper mountain bike, it has been designed with specific features common to some of the situations needed. Because going downhill requires really impressive suspension, the designers of this bike ensured the Folding Integrated Technology was a part of this bikes suspension system. CLIX was first used for this specific bike because it provides an extremely quick and seemingly seamless transition from full bike to folded bike. It folds into a thirty six inch by twenty eight inch by twelve inch folded bike.

Because of the specialized gear system, the switch from one gear to another is extremely easy, without a worry that the chain may shift off. The aluminum assures that one would not need to worry about rust in the changing climate and weather. The only thing that needs to be cautioned is the gears, as they are not and could ruse. After an extremely difficult downhill, it may be good to check them over and make sure they are all in proper conditions.


When it comes to folding bikes, it is safe to say that the Paratrooper is the best. This is a cycle that was well-designed and put together to provide the rider with a wide range of options and speeds. The bike is safe and agile, made for a rocky hillside as well as a casual city cruise. If you have the money, this is pretty much the best folding bicycle available on the market.


- Folding the bike is quick and easy

- Extremely durable frame

- Great quality

- Low weight due to the aluminum frame

- Awesome style

- The price is cheap in comparison to other mountain bikes


- The handlebar stem is hard to adjust

- Parts like the front derailleur gear system and the rear brake cable are not as good

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