MINI Cooper Folding Bike Review

First Impressions

You do not have to be a fan of the MINI Cooper vehicle in order to enjoy the sleek style that comes along with owning this MINI Cooper folding bike. The bike is built with a sturdy level of construction that makes it look like a two-wheeled advertisement for the popular car brand, but its performance is solid for commuting to and from anywhere accessible on two wheels. The bike has eight speeds and will fit in any small trunk for easy portability.

Mini Cooper Folding Bike Review


The dealer cost is sitting at $563.00 retail and the bike currently comes in the colors matte black or lime. It has 8 speeds and is built from an aluminum frame. Kinetix V-brakes are installed in the front and back, for added stopping ability. The bike has 20 inch wheels, it weighs 24 pounds, and has folding, aluminum body pedals. The bike folds small enough to fit into a MINI Cooper and other cars with limited trunk space available.


This folding bike may look like a gimmick to fans of folding bikes, but let us assure you that the bike has great durability and sturdy aluminum alloy construction. The NEOS.2 for 8-speed shifting system provides easy shifting that is quick and smooth. The MINI Cooper folding bike is folded easily, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to bike in style and ease. With a bike of this size and portability, it is lightweight enough to take it anywhere - making it a great choice for those who commute on a daily basis.

Because of the quality components in this bike, we know that it was designed with durability and speed at the forefront of the minds of the manufacturers. The bike helps you sail uphill smoothly and it shifts quite smoothly. The Schwalbe KOJAK tires mean that the bike was built with the use of pavement riding in mind.


-This is a quality bike that is made for durability and speed in mind.

-The bike has 8 speeds that are easily shifted into for ease in commuting everyday.

-This bike is like a MINI on two wheels; it's stylish, sleek, and made well.

-It has a sturdy frame.

-The MINI is affordable in cost.

-Touch up paint is included so that scratched surfaces can be covered up easily.


-This bike may be for fans of the MINI Cooper only.

-It was designed to fit in the back of a MINI Cooper.

-The attached bag isn't that great.

Final Thoughts

Prior to the selection of a compact folding bike, it is best to consider your options. Think ahead about your average commute, whether or not there are paved roads designated for bikers, and if there are hills involved in the daily ride.

When tested, this bike proved itself to be a notch above many of the bikes currently out there, but also easy to carry when necessary. The bike's accessories are mostly interchangeable with Dahon's accessories, which is a plus for the MINI Cooper folding bike.

While many fans of the MINI Cooper car will enjoy this folding bike, fans of the car brand can take this lightweight, well made folding bike for a spin. We had no complaints when riding this bike for our daily commutes and enjoyed the experience greatly.

While I do not have a MINI Cooper, I found this bike to be durable and lightweight enough to enjoy as a daily rider.

With this bike, the pros definitely outweigh the cons, so this is a folding bike that we would highly recommend.

Our rating:                                                           (8.4/10) 

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