Enzo eBikes Electric Folding Bicycle Review

Electric folding bikes are becoming ever more popular because they offer so much more than just a ride. The new model from Enzo has so many extras included that it is simply a must. Apart from getting a bicycle made with great care for details and quality, you get nice gadgets like an LCD display panel with a USB charger and an iPhone holder. The bike looks and feels great!

Enzo eBike Specifications

The newest model of the Enzo eBike is their best model so far. The battery that makes it move is a lithium 350 watts battery that enables 30 miles maximum. This awesome electric cycle's frame is made from aluminum alloy. It packs a 6 speed Shimano Tourney gear system. Mechanical Disc with 160mm rotors, Wuxing levers with motor inhibitor are the brakes. Rims are cast magnesium and the wheel size is the standard 20". The cycle includes many accessories like an integrated front LED light, plastic fenders, rear carry rack, transport bag and many others.

Design and Build

There is absolutely no doubt that the Enzo eBike is a product made to shadow all others. This electric bicycle looks really good. It is easy to see the attention to detail and the awesome workmanship needed to produce this bike. The cast magnesium wheels are beautiful and they are the first thing most people notice.

This cycle is mostly made out of aluminum, and that is why it weighs only about 48 lbs. The bike is driven by a 350-watt hub motor which pushes the bike to 20 mph. The motor is quiet, so it doesn't interfere with the rider's experience. A 36 volt 10.4 amp hour Lithium-ion pack with Samsung cells is powering the entire bike.

The left grip has an LCD display mounted on it. You can track your battery level, power use, speed and other stats like distance and the time of your trip. All the other accessories like the front and rear LED lights, the fenders and mudguards are just a bonus that makes this eBike a true work of art!

Awesome Features

Enzo eBikes Electric Folding Aluminum Bicycle with Lithium-Ion Battery

The new Enzo eBIke has a ton of features that make it superior to other electronic bikes. For one, it is foldable, which makes it easy to store and carry around. The bike is perfect for boaters as well as commuters. The battery lock is well concealed and that makes the bike stealthy. The full-length fenders are great in wet conditions and the integrated front and back LED lights offer a safe ride during the night.

The seat post has an integrated pump that can come in handy if you get a flat. Bikes like these often don't support a lot of weight, but the magnesium wheels give this model more strength. The entire bike is built out of titanium, rubber, plastic, aluminum and magnesium, which makes it easy to clean. The seat and the grips are great and that contributes to the quality of the ride.

The Negatives

Well, this is a bike that is just awesome. Pointing out the negatives turned out to be a tough task, so these are some details that could have been a little better. The key must be left in to activate the bike. That is fine, but it can fall out and the bike stops right away. Also, the wide tires add to the comfort, but since there is no suspension fork, the ride can get bumpy at times.

Folding pedals are a good detail for every folding bicycle, but the problem is that these are plastic. That makes pedaling a little hard, so an aluminum alternative would be better. The front and rear wheels don't have a quick release.

Folding bikes are extremely convenient for commuters. This is not the only type of bike that is in these days, but couple it with the electric component and you are getting into the real deal. The Enzo eBike is a great option that has fun accessories that will leave you in excitement. The quality of this bike is unmatched and the additions to the bike such as an LDC display panel, USB charger, and iPhone holder will certainly give you the ease of electronic assistance you need for your busy day and commute to work.

This is the model that has been considered the finest out of all the eBikes that are being sold with Enzo. It has great accessories including a transport bag, plastic fenders, LED light, rear carry rack and others. It is made from aluminum alloy and has the 20 inch wheels. The lithium 350 watts battery gives a person about 30 miles of riding with a six speed Shimano Tourney gear system, wuxing levers with motor inhibitor brakes, mechanical Disc with 160 mm rotors.

Bikes are always a great mode of transportation. Every person should own one. The difference between the average bike and the Enzo eBike though makes the extra costs worth every penny. It is not most bikes that have the extra commodities and electronic aspect as this one does. The style and design is also extremely attractive. The appeal draws in the pedestrians one may pass in his or her commute to and from work and the flashing wheels are eye catching as well.

It is only forty eight pounds and can go twenty miles per hour with the hub-motor that is three hundred and fifty watts. There is a Lithium-ion pack that powers the bike. It is not a loud motor and therefore, allows for ease for the drivers ride, not causing distraction or too much extra background noise.

It has a great tracing device for helping you keep track of the distance, time for the ride, speed, use of power, and how much battery is left. It is an extremely high accessory bike including the LED lights, fenders and mudguards. With these extra features that are not on the average bike, it makes for ease and convenience of ride like few others on the market today.

Because it is a folding bike, unlike many other electronic bikes, it is easy to transport from place to place and to use on public transport when one must get from one public transportation place to another. It is light enough to carry and small enough to fit in a small trunk or little space on a bus, for example. Because of the fenders, one can ride in most types of weather because of the reduction of water that would splash up from puddles or water on the ground. Because of the built in lights, one can even ride to and from work for the night shift in safety being well-lit.

If there is ever the potential that one would get a flat the handy part of this bike is that the pump is built into the seat and therefore, it is an easy fix without having to carry an extra pump on the side and potentially forgetting it in the case of an emergency. Because it has magnesium wheels the ability to carry more weight than an average eBike is increased. These different aspects makes this bike an extremely valuable bike.

The potential negatives of this bike include the fact that the bike must have the key in it to activate it but it can easily fall out and then the bike will stop pretty rapidly. The tires are wide which can make the ride a bit bumpy because there is no suspension fork. The folding pedals are plastic in which maybe aluminum would be a better option.

It is an excellent electric bike. It is comfortable and has multiple fixtures. The price range is also a great one in order to save some money! It is a bike that one would truly enjoy and can be a great addition to any household. The ease and convenience is especially appreciated with this bike. They style is attractive and the riding is easy. It is one of great quality and is highly like by all people who have owned them.


  • check
    Good mileage
  • check
    Magnesium cast wheels
  • check
    Very quiet motor
  • check
    Responsive disc brakes
  • check
    Full-length fenders and integrated LED lights


  • close
    Plastic folding pedals
  • close
    No suspension fork
  • close
    No integrated bottle cage
  • close
    Rear light requires its own batteries


The Enzo eBikes Electric Folding Aluminum Bicycle with Lithium-Ion Battery is probably one of the best electric bikes you can buy at the moment. This bicycle was designed to offer a great, comfortable ride including all of the accessories from the previous models. In this price range, this bike is the best by far.


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